Boudoir Photography by Holtz Imagery

Boudoir Photography by Holtz Imagery | West Allis and Milwaukee Wisconsin

Self confidence has always been something I would struggle with. There was a constant voice in my mind telling me I wasn’t good enough. I never expected what would happen next; Boudoir photography changed everything for me. I learned that I was not alone with how I felt, countless other women felt the same negativity toward themselves and that just crushed my heart. NO ONE should ever have to feel that way and so I set out to make a difference. Boudoir photography has let me make women feel unstoppable, beaming with confidence and I could not be any happier helping women truly embrace their beauty. I get to empower women for a living and that is the best feeling in the world.

I am so excited to work with you and reignite your confidence!



Every person deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin. Hear what previous beauties have to say about their boudoir experience with Holtz Imagery.

  • Hannah does FANTASTIC work as you all can see! I highly recommend doing a's fun, sassy, and Hannah makes you feel so comfortable! 😄 Hannah is the BEST! ❤
    Em S.
  • I did a boudoir shoot with Hannah and she made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. Going into it I told her how nervous I was and didn't know what to do, she calmed my nerves and walked me thru everything. She truly does amazing work and I left feeling so great about myself!
    Emily S.
  • Today was the big day! I had my boudoir photoshoot with Hannah. I was NERVOUS AF...texting friends and Hannah herself about how nervous I was, but I had booked it, because I really wanted to do something out of my comfort zone. I've also been struggling with loving my body lately since I'm getting older and not as slim as I was a few years ago. I actually didn't expect to feel any better about self-image, but after Hannah showed me a few sneak peeks, I was like, "WOW! I look and feel INVINCIBLE!" The makeup artist was as wonderful in her craft as she was in personality. Hannah was sweet, supportive, comforting, funny, and gave simple but clear and precise directions. I hope you all have a chance to experience this incredible feeling of loving your skin and oozing with pride as a strong, independent, beautifully unique, BADASS female.
    Daniela A.
  • I just picked up my book on Thursday from the shoot I did as a wedding present for my fiancé and I can’t say enough good things about Hannah and the entire process! She made me feel so comfortable and absolutely gorgeous! I’m so in love with the book that I’ve already pulled it out of its hiding spot and peaked at it 😂 If anyone is on the fence about it I would say go for it! You won’t regret it!
    Llora W.
  • Just finished my session with Hannah and WOW! I am a shy person by nature, so naturally I was nervous. After the first few photos, I realized there was absolutely no reason to be nervous— Hannah is phenomenal at what she does! I was comfortable during the entire time, from meeting Hannah to having my makeup done and throughout the entire shoot. The couple of sneak peeks I saw left me in amazement. I’m SO happy I booked my session and went for it! If you’re worried or nervous, just GO FOR IT! Have some fun! 🤩
    Alicia S.
  • I was able to pick up the jade collection today and the photos are just amazing!! Hannah made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and the finished product was worth every penny!! I would highly encourage any of you ladies to do it, I feel so empowered and beautiful! My fiancé will be so surprised and I can’t wait to give him this as our wedding gift in 50 days!!! ❤️❤️ highly recommend!
    Heather P.
  • This is the face of confidence and happiness! Had a shoot with Hannah today and I got to say it's not nearly as nerve wracking as you would think.... in fact I felt very comfortable, felt sexy and had fun!!! I highly recommend to any ladies on the fence about it, JUST DO IT!! You only have this life and body once!! 
    Thank you Hannah Holtz and your stylist!! I cannot wait to see my pictures!!
    Krissy M.
  • My experience with Hannah was wonderful! The studio is absolutely beautiful and she made me feel comfortable from the start. I was nervous about not knowing how to pose or if I would be awkward and she guided me through it beautifully! She played music and complimented me throughout which made it a fun and sexy experience! If you are on the fence, nervous, want to do something to get out of your comfort zone and feel sexy and empowered BOOK NOW!
    Beth J.
  • Hannah did my boudoir shoot last night and it was more perfect than I could have ever imagined. I didn't really know what to expect going into this. I guess I was concerned that I'd look awkward in the poses..on top of having someone other than my bf see me almost completely naked. But no, it wasn't awkward at all! Hannah made me feel so so comfortable, she has music playing, the heat was blasting, and she talked me through the poses and everything . It was perfect!! I can't wait to see the pictures in a few weeks. If you want to feel good about yourself whether it's for you or a significant other, DO IT!!!! It's not your typical spa day pampering but my goodness do you feel great during and after this experience!! Thank you so so much Hannah!!
    Janell R.

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